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Retaliate: The Concept is a simplified version of Retaliate for the Roku platform. It is available completely free and is the only Roku game with competitive online leaderboards! The game's retro style is perfect for the basic controls of the Roku and will bring back memories of "the good ol' days".

  • Challenging And Addicting Gameplay
  • Unique And Innovative Concept
  • Competitive Community
  • Free
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BrightScript Game

Retaliate: The Concept is one of the few games available on the Roku that has been created using Roku's built in language, BrightScript. Because of this Retaliate works on all Roku devices, not just the higher end models.

Unique Concept

Retaliate: The Concept is just like the classic scrolling shooters you love, but with one twist. You start with absolutely no ammo! You must use your shield to capture enemy bullets and retaliate!


Retaliate: The Concept is the only Roku game with online leaderboards. Simply allow Roku to share your name with Retaliate when prompted and if your score is in the top 10, your first name and last initial will be posted along with your score!

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